Welcome to my space. I try to live the best life that I can.

Healthy Habits

I try to build good habits. I picked 10 things to attempt every day, with the hope that doing them will contribute to good health and happiness. So far this month, I've been 62% successful overall. I'll optimize my goals over coming months to balance challenge and motivation.

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Healthy Finances

My wife and I are 15 months into our "Money dates". I highly recommend a once-a-month check in, where your household summarizes income, spending, and the value of assets like a trailer or car. You don't need to track every transaction, or report on each day. If you don't have a system yet, try something simple and monthly. The results could flip your habits around and help you leverage your money on what matters.

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Healthy Heart

Family and community mean a lot to me. I hope that in creating this space and being transparent with others, that there will be opportunities to connect and build lasting relationships with each other. But how does a lasting digital relationship work?