We saved well last month. I visualized our cash flow using a Sankey diagram.

Sankey diagram of cash flow.

Sankey diagrams were invented to visualize how steam flowed through a system. There's only so much steam, like there's only so much cash to go around. Each column is a dimension, and the last dimension is assets and liabilities.

I haven't seen this done before, but it feels like it gives me insights I haven't seen in say, a spreadsheet of my finances.

Even better, it's generated by a plain text format I created that's very simple. Each line is an edge with "source "destination #weight and that's it!

In double entry bookkeeping, you record how much comes in and out of each account. Here we can simply check that the weights match up. When they don't, some things have gone missing.

The result looks (to me) a little bit like an art piece. Here's what you could write to generate a diagram like this one:

    A B 10
    B X 10

    A C 10
    C Y 10

    L B 10
    B X 10
The resulting diagram